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Do orthotic insoles relief foot pain?

Why do we experience foot pain?

Humans are the only animals that always walk on two feet. Some others can do it for a few seconds, but we are unique in our constant bipedal gait. This is the reason why our feet are also unique, functionally and structurally speaking. They could look similar to the ones of apes, but there are major differences that have made our feet adapt to the way we walk.

Thousands of years ago, ancient architects in Asia have found that arches are a very strong structure that can support very heavy buildings, and have used them ever since to make their temples and palaces. This knowledge has spread across the world since then, and architects from all the world started to take advantage of this structural feature of the arches. What they might not have known is that this knowledge was in our very bodies from the beginning of the bipedal gait. Read More...

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  • Do orthotic insoles relief foot pain?
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