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What Is Foot Pain?

Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body. Not only do they get us from one point to the next but they also bear our weight when we stand. However, things do not always go well with our feet and many times they are in pain. Foot pain can be described as any pain or discomfort in the heels, toes, arches and other parts of the body.

Two Main Causes of Foot Pain

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices is one of the main causes of foot pain in women, especially those who wear shoes that do not fit them properly or that are too high. Such shoes place a lot of pressure on the feet and result in foot pain..

Common Medical Issues

Men and women who are suffering from common medical issues such as obesity, pregnancy and  diseases such as arthritis and diabetes are more likely to suffer from foot pain. Some other common medical causes of foot pain include:

Corns Heel Spurs
Hammer Toe Bunions
Athlete's Foot Plantar Fasciitis

How can Efip Remedies Help

The main focus of is  to bring free and reliable information regarding foot problems to the public. The fact is that many foot conditions do not require surgery. They can be treated with simple home remedies but many are not aware of these simple treatments for foot problems. We can help you in two main ways. We can show you how to ease your foot pain at home and help you realize when it is time for you to stop trying home remedies and treatments and visit the doctor.

At-Home Treatments of Foot Pain

It is a fact that foot pain is common and is a normal part of life. This means that most foot pain are not serious and can be eased at home depending on the cause of the pain. Here are some simple tips for relieving foot pain at home:

apply ice to the affected area

purchase over-the-counter pain reliever

use orthotics which are specially designed to correct foot pain

elevate the foot causing the pain

rest your foot as much as possible

Advice on When You should see a Doctor

You should definitely see a doctor if your foot pain has not been  resolved after a week or two of at-home treatment. Sometimes, foot pain is one of the symptoms that something else is wrong with you and no matter how much at-home treatments you try, you are unable to relieve the pain. In such cases, it is best to see the doctor. You should seek medical help if your foot pain:

is severe and cannot be relieved with at-home treatment

prevents you from standing

is directly related to an open wound or a red or inflamed area of the foot

is accompanied by fever


Preventing Foot Pain

We also offer advice on how to help you to prevent chronic foot pain. Some advice that you can expect to receive from our staff include:

Wearing comfortable and well-cushioned shoes

Avoiding high heel shoes

Maintaining a healthy weight


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Shawna S. Wilson

Efip Remedies does offer great information on common foot problems. I have learnt so much about foot problems and conditions from reading the articles on their website that I am now offering advice to those around me complaining of foot pain.

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If you are suffering from foot pain and would like to have expert advice and solutions to your foot problems, get into contact with the staff of Efip Remedies. They will provide you with all the information you need to treat your foot pain just like they helped me deal with my foot pain.